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Improvement of our Partners’ financial performance – that’s our main task. Our advisory services can help increase your company’s sales (eg. providing ideas for opening new markets, including new products in offer portfolio, creating and introducing efficient new sales strategies, opening new sales channels, etc.) as well as help you cut costs (by gaining better conditions for buy/sell agreements, optimizing team performance, finding and eliminating obstacles to your company’s development, etc.). We follow our key principle: “Our ideas lead to your success”. Based on our deep and thorough knowledge of fuel market mechanics, we are able to support our Partners on a diverse range of business activities. Thanks to our support your work becomes easier and results better!

Information Market S.A. (Polish equivalent of ‘Inc.’) was founded as a result of the transformation of ‘e-petrol.pl sp. z o.o. (Ltd.)’, providing professional services for fuel sector in the B2B and B2C areas since 2001. The aim of this transformation was to expand the business into new sectors and provide new services, to eventually create a company unique to the Polish market. Within the brands it manages, Information Market S.A. will provide ‘Business-to-Business’ information and advisory services for companies operating in major sectors of the economy, such as fuels or energy.

Information Market’s Consulting Team is a group of experts working closely with various participants in the fuels market, representing different types of business activity. Our Consulting Team is constantly involved in preparing analyses, developing market strategies, and producing reports for our Clients,as well as in maintaining price indices and formulas for various groups of petroleum products – all unique content, uniquely offered by Information Market. Our core qualities are specialization (we know the fuel market and work with fuel companies, so we can provide the highest possible quality service) and deep involvement in our work. We remain constantly in touch with the major players in the Polish fuel market, and as such have the most up-to-date information at our disposal. This information gives us a significant advantage over our competition, ensuring that we deliver to our Clients the most valuable and comprehensive service possible.

Rules that we follow in our work include:

  • full involvement and dedication to our work,
  • specialization in the fuel market,
  • discretion and close work with our Clients.

For years, Information Market consultants have served as media experts, offering detailed commentaries about the current situation in the global and Polish fuel markets, as well as forecasts of future developments.

The Consulting Department works for fuel branch companies and firms linked with the energy sector. Our clients have included Polish and major international fuel corporations, wholesale importers and traders, petrol stations’ chains, banks, and public institutions.

Szymon Araszkiewicz

Szymon Araszkiewicz

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