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We are a group of business consultants, who help improve fuel companies’ financial results. We work for firms from fuel branch and also for those from other branches, who consume large quantities of fuels in their everyday operations. Effects of our work can bring up to 20% average increase of results!

Information Market builds its work on two main assets: employees with deep knowledge and passion to enlarge it, as well as on huge information database and constantly keeping up to date with the market.

Our consultants are experienced analysts, deeply motivated to successfully complete projects that they run. During all our works we have full access to archive of shared solutions and information, gathered during many years of work together with fuel branch. Also, we are able to suggest new ideas and ways to solve challenges that fuel market faces.


petrol station

‘State-of-the-art petrol station’ concept is aimed at investors – private and public – who seek complex assistance in the process of building a petrol station. We offer advise in transforming an idea step by step into full investment process.

Working together with us ensures that all the stages of the process will be completed in safe way (from economic, legal and technical points of view). Also, we help in quick and efficient attainment of all necessary official permissions and licenses. We advise entrepreneurs who either already have a land that could be a location for petrol station, or those who have financial means and wish to proceed with such investment.

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Selected clients

Shell Polska/Shell Commercial Fuels
Orlen Laboratorium
Centrum Motoryzacji P. Czyżycki
Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne Poznań
BNH Oil Polska
ZAO Rusagrotrans (Rosja)
Chemikals/Logistic Port Skandawa (spółki z grupy „Kulczyk Holding”)
Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne-Łódź sp. z o.o.
Krajowa Izba Biopaliw
SCA Pétrole et Dérivés (Francja)
VARO Energy (Szwajcaria)
OZ Energia (Portugalia)
PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna
Sieć stacji paliw „Intermarché” w Polsce
HUZAR Polskie Stacje Paliw
Total Polska
MG & MG stacja paliw
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